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At this point in the dimensional shift, we are now ready to fully develop our natural telepathic communication which the mind accesses from within our nonlocal heart consciousness. 

Communication is the exchange of information.  At the level of the conscious mind, humans have for the most part communicated using sound and light waves via the denser frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Here, we primarily use the senses of sight, sound, and touch to communicate.  Light, information, and consciousness at the level of mind is converted into a visual and oral language system that can then be delivered through physical light and sound waves.  The vast majority of human communication is restricted to this frequency range in the physical third dimension.

In our current 3D humanity, the unconscious mind extends the limited bandwith of the senses and the veiled 3D conscious mind by being able to process a much greater quantity of information, i.e., deciphering meaning through multiple sound tones and body language.  While the unconscious mind in our limited 3D consciousness gives us an expanded communication, it always becomes restricted by the extremely limited attention of the conscious mind.  The human conscious mind at a three dimensional consciousness can only process less than ten bits of data at a time, whereas the unconscious can process millions of data.  And beyond the unconscious, the higher self and its unity with the Divine mind can be presently aware along the infinite continuum.

Because of the time and space limits of the lower senses and the 3D level of the conscious mind, human external technology has sought to expand the human sensory system.  In the twentieth century, radio waves, television signals, and electronic computer communication have extended our sensory ability in the limited 3D environment.  While this has greatly expanded our connection and communication as a transitional stage, it is still using artificial means to extend our own true inner capabilities.  The human multidimensional awareness of love, creativity, harmony, and unity has been restricted by a denser inharmonious 3D consciousness of fear, conflict, control, and separation. 

In the fully aware multidimensional human consciousness across all twelve dimensions and the dimensionless spiritual realms, the human primarily uses interior consciousness technologies to communicate.  Instead of extending the lower senses via external technologies, the higher senses, mind, and heart are now fully attuned to their higher capacities of information exchange and multdimensional simultaneous conscious memory.  The most basic form of higher communication is what we understand as telepathy–the communication between beings of information using thought waves as subtle energy that move faster than the slower 3D electromagnetic frequencies.  The higher mind, DNA, and neural and cellular pathways within all human beings have both a sending and receiving capacity.  Ultimately, it is not a sending and receiving, but is an intentional manifestation of consciousness and energy to a unique part of the one whole.

At this point in the dimensional shift to a 5D unity consciousness, it is time for evolving and ascending humans to become aware that we are on the pathway to restoring our primary communication ability.  As we continue to align with the incoming higher frequency cosmic energy, heal remaining fear-based restrictions in consciousness, and attune our chakras to a 5D frequency, we will begin to discover the true human being.  We will open to who we truly are. We will begin to remember and know the magnificent consciousness technology that is the multidimensional spirit, soul, and body. 

Given our true ability to communicate, love, and create beyond all 3D limits, what is the role of the more limited human 3D senses that now occupy the majority of our means of communication?  They are still used as a gift of experience.  Sensing in the lower 3D physical spectrum is a dense level of experiencing and expressing our being and the cosmic creation.  This level provides a distinct quality to experience and joy.  While it will no longer be our primary frequency of communication, it will provide important input to our experience as incarnate beings in the universe.  With humanity no longer being restricted to only limiting forms of communication, lower sensory communication does not have to be part of the separation and frustration of limited consciousness–it can now be selected in the joy of total freedom.  The infinite soul incarnate as a multidimensional being can have unlimited awareness.  With this freedom, the human being now has the option to choose more specific attentional awareness to create and love in pure joy.

We are now at a key stage in the transition phase of our dimensional ascension to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness on earth. As we move into the dynamic stage of the shift, we need to become fully aware that telepathy is natural to our multidimensional communication, commit to its restoration and evolving development, and be open to choosing this communication as we continue to align with higher consciousness and energy.

The mind and higher chakras enable the human being to transmit information of words, images, and symbols directly to the conscious awareness of the unified human being.  We are all connected to each other in the unified field of energy, consciousness, light, and Divine unity.  When we think of telepathy, we tend to identify it as psychic abilities, techniques such as remote viewing, and all other extraordinary abilities of the mind domain.  In reality, telepathy is just a higher frequency means of using information and consciousness as waves to communicate with each other and the cosmos.  Very simply, it is the same as talking in person, on the phone, writing to each other, radio, video, and the multimedia of electronic communication, as well as the ability to transmit all information with instantaneous memory retrieval.  Because of our restriction to only 3D awareness, this ability needs to be remembered and reconnected.

At the fully telepathic level, there is no unconscious/conscious mind.  The fifth dimensional and beyond mind is no longer split or veiled in the polarity of conscious and unconscious.   Without this separation,  the mind does not have any defensive barriers, armoring, or restriction to only the lower senses.  The unlimited free flow of information in terms of access and transfer is restored.  All consciousness, information, and expression has the potential to be always available to conscious awareness. 

It is important to know that the use of our telepathic grid is within our heart consciousness.  Our most deepest and highest way to be and to communicate is through the feeling communion of love from the heart.  Through the heart, we can communicate with each other across the infinite and eternal.  The telepathic ability of the mind works in conjunction with the organization and intentional direction of the heart.  When we open to our true heart consciousness with full connection to the higher mind, we become the infinite multidimensional being of love and creativity in incarnate form.  May we be open to the restoration of our natural telepathic communication in unity with the heart as we transform, evolve, and shift into the fifth dimension.


The next two months of September and October is a time to prepare for the next level of awakening to a dynamic phase of the dimensional shift.  Both the changing energetic frequencies of the last two months and the increasing frequencies throughout the upcoming two months represent various transitional phases of the dimensional shift to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness.  The evolving vibration that we are experiencing bears a correlation to the work of Carl Johan Calleman’s Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar which began on March 9, 2011 and completes on October 28, 2011. 

The galactic, solar, and earth energies have been transforming to a much higher vibration as we move toward an evolutionary shift to a heart-centered unity consciousness.  As we align our consciousness with these energies, we heal, transform, and evolve to our true multidimensional consciousness.  The human multidimensional consciousness will ultimately organize and stabilize at 5D as we shift to a new earth vibration and a higher frequency of incarnate humanity on earth.

Throughout all phases of the dimensional shift, we are transforming the human 3D consciousness of fear, conflict, and separation to a heart-centered 5D unity consciousness.  We are finding our truth within the heart, in unity with the Divine, as our true self being and expression of love and creativity.  Therefore, as we prepare to move to the dynamic stage of the dimensional shift, it remains ever important to stay within the heart.  As lower negative frequencies attempt to draw us into resonance with the fear-based dualism of only the 3D level of the mind, we must gently direct awareness within to the love and creative expanse of the heart.

We will outline three areas of awareness and action that will serve as a guide for the remainder of the transition phase and the beginning of the dynamic stage.  First, we must continue to become more aware of the false 3D and 4D fear, conflict, and control system.  It is vital for humanity to awaken and become conscious of all fear-based low density vibration that is intended to keep humans in a lower 3D resonance of fear and separation.  As the galactic and earth frequency is increasing, humanity needs to align with heart-centered consciousness that vibrates at the fifth dimension.  The current 3D paradigm of humanity on earth is designed to keep humanity from living and evolving to its true multidimensional consciousness in unity with Divine Being.

The fear, conflict, and control system permeates all of human cultural and social life.  The fear and control frequencies are broadcast and perpetuated through culture, religion, politics, economy, media, and entertainment.  Throughout all sectors of society the human spirit, soul, and body being is entrained in a lower 3D consciousness.  Thus, we must become more aware that we have been living in an orchestrated and manipulated system for thousands of years; events in the 3D and 4D fear frequencies on earth are not random.  Therefore, our first effort in these shifting times is to awaken and become aware of the lower resonance frequencies that pervade the systems, structures, and interactions within a 3D human consciousness on earth.  If you are in a frequency that is not the love and creativity of the heart, then you are resonating away from the true self in Divine unity.  We must now be aware of both our interior frequencies of thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and the more external frequencies in our sensory environment.

Second, we need to disconnect our consciousness from the false 3D and negative 4D fear and control matrix.  The choice of not having our being in resonance with the lower energy is where we move from awareness only to awareness without participation in the negative vibrations.  In a heart-centered unity consciousness, we do not give up authentic power and being to external sources.  Since the current organization and dominant communications on the planet resonate fear, conflict, and control, we must eliminate our resonance from these harmful frequencies.  Humanity needs to take a pervasive look at all systems producing lower density that is separate from the true self in the Divine.  This includes all forms of religion, politics, economics, culture, television, etc.  Each human soul needs to evaluate all frequencies that they are in at any given time.  No matter where it is, if the energy is fear, conflict, and control, do not resonate with it.  The second area of attention in these times of dimensional shift is all about moving our awareness into active transformation and evolution.

The third area of focus is a more proactive anchoring of the higher fifth dimensional frequencies.  The completion of the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar marks the transformation from the transition phase to the dynamic phase of the dimensional shift (the shifting energies of this time also correlate with ancient wisdom, vedic, biblical, esoteric, alchemical, Inca, Hopi, extraterrestrial, higher dimensional, metaphysical, and numerous other traditions throughout human history).  As we prepare for this transformation over the coming months, we need to open to our third level of awareness–using our information, consciousness, and energy to change the consciousness grids. 

Here, we use the energy of heart-consciousness to unify harmonic energies within humanity, the earth, and all of creation.  It is beginning to use our true human being to express love and exhibit co-creation.  As we move to a fifth dimensional consciousness, we are remembering and becoming aware of who human beings really are.  We are much more than the 3D societies that have been incarnate on the planet for the last several thousand years.  We are multidimensional and interdimensional beings that are able to love and create across all dimensions including  our current 3D incarnate form, and especially through the evolving fifth dimensional body.

Through our own interior consciousness technologies, we can begin to change the overall consciousness grid from the artificial fear, control, and separation system to the harmony, love,  joy, and creativity of a heart-centered fifth dimensional consciousness.  We can begin by doing this personally and in small communities.  For an excellent overview of new communities and information, consciousness and energy grids see “Intelligent Emotional Truths” blog at http://ietevolve.blogspot.com/2011/07/extraterrestrial-messages-creating-new.html 

The true multidimensional human organized at the 5D incarnate level is an infinitely powerful energetic being of love and creativity.  At this level, we will rely less on lower 3D technologies that seek to expand our senses through external means.  Humanity will move more toward its own interior consciousness technology of intentional heart-centered creativity, telepathy, teleportation, new higher dimensional energy sources, etc. 

We are now at a critical time of the dimensional shift where we must choose to move beyond the false 3D fear, conflict, control, and separation system.  The outline of the three areas of awareness and action–1. awareness of false fear and control system, 2. disconnecting our consciousness from the false matrix, and 3. creating new higher frequency consciousness and energy grids can guide us in this very important time of the remainder of the transition phase and beginning of the dynamic stage of the dimensional shift.  May we continue to find the truth within the heart and choose the ascension to a fifth dimensional humanity on earth.

Welcome to “Visions of the Fifth Dimension.”  Our purpose throughout this blog will be to convey information on the present dimensional shift on Earth.  In gaining perspective on the shift, we will discuss soul evolution, ancient wisdom, human origins, accelerated healing, consciousness, galactic civilizations, the dimensions of the universe, and the nondimensional spiritual realms.

The solar system is at the end and new beginning of a 26,000 year cycle of precession.  This cycle for earth within the Milky Way galaxy relates to the alignment with the energies of the galactic center.  The charged particles, rays, and higher frequency light, information, and energy from the galactic center interacts with the planet and human consciousness.

Only in recent times are we uncovering and remembering the galactic cosmology for human incarnations on earth.  In the ancient wisdom, we find this knowledge throughout most of the sacred, mystical, esoteric, and prophetic traditions.  The understanding of these energetic cycles exist within Atlantean, Enochian, ancient Egyptian, Vedic, Taoist, Biblical, Tibetan, Mayan, Incan, Hopi, Cherokee, and throughout Native American and many other spiritual and esoteric systems.

They all point to this time as the end of the age or great shift in cycles of time and consciousness.  The astrological ages are in approximately 2,000 year segments and the Mayan Long Count calendar is 5, 125 years which is set to recycle in the 2011-2013 period.  Within the 26,000 year cycle, particularly strong shifts occur at the 12,000 to 13,000 year marks.  We find many cataclysmic changes on Earth at these times.  In the Vedic tradition, we have the great ages of golden, silver,bronze, and iron.  The iron age presents the most dense level of material consciousness in the last several thousand years.

The next transition is a shift back to the light consciousness of the golden age.  Today’s scientific knowledge and instrumentation has been able to verify many sun, solar system, and earth changes that are indications of an energetic shift or evolution. The high frequency subtle energy, light, and consciousness beyond the 3D physical has an effect on consciousness and the body in physical 3D as it is stepped down into magnetic and electromagnetic energy.

At the end of all major cycles on Earth, there are sufficient energies to affect the Earth system, biological life, and human consciousness.  However, during this particular shift the energies are at a certain level of high frequency and vibration to enable a dimensional shift.  The reasons why this cycle happens to be a “dimensional shift” are too complex and numerous to discuss here in this article.  A dimensional shift is under way, and it will occur regardless of human action or the interaction of other intelligent beings on Earth.

There are twelve main dimensions in the dimensional universe.  The Sun, Earth, and solar system has been organized in the third dimension for millions of years.  With the upcoming dimensional shift, it will move to a higher vibration beyond 3D.  What is the role of human beings on Earth during this time?  Humanity plays an integral role in determining whether the shift to a higher dimension will be to a fear and control negative bandwith of the fourth dimension, or the heart-centered unity consciousness of the fifth dimension.

Human choice in awakening, healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending will determine which dimension we shift to, and what will be the next phase of human incarnate life on Earth.  An understanding of fifth dimensional life and the dimensional shift in consciousness will be presented in my soon to be released book, “Dimensional Evolution.”

Throughout this blog, we will be providing insights, knowledge, understanding, and experience about the process of awakening, healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to a unity consciousness of the fifth dimension on Earth.  Here, humans will express their multidimensional cosmic humanity at the incarnate vibration of the fifth dimension.  This heart-centered way of being is a consciousness of love and creativity of the spirit, soul, and body in Divine unity.