Welcome to “Visions of the Fifth Dimension.”  Our purpose throughout this blog will be to convey information on the present dimensional shift on Earth.  In gaining perspective on the shift, we will discuss soul evolution, ancient wisdom, human origins, accelerated healing, consciousness, galactic civilizations, the dimensions of the universe, and the nondimensional spiritual realms.

The solar system is at the end and new beginning of a 26,000 year cycle of precession.  This cycle for earth within the Milky Way galaxy relates to the alignment with the energies of the galactic center.  The charged particles, rays, and higher frequency light, information, and energy from the galactic center interacts with the planet and human consciousness.

Only in recent times are we uncovering and remembering the galactic cosmology for human incarnations on earth.  In the ancient wisdom, we find this knowledge throughout most of the sacred, mystical, esoteric, and prophetic traditions.  The understanding of these energetic cycles exist within Atlantean, Enochian, ancient Egyptian, Vedic, Taoist, Biblical, Tibetan, Mayan, Incan, Hopi, Cherokee, and throughout Native American and many other spiritual and esoteric systems.

They all point to this time as the end of the age or great shift in cycles of time and consciousness.  The astrological ages are in approximately 2,000 year segments and the Mayan Long Count calendar is 5, 125 years which is set to recycle in the 2011-2013 period.  Within the 26,000 year cycle, particularly strong shifts occur at the 12,000 to 13,000 year marks.  We find many cataclysmic changes on Earth at these times.  In the Vedic tradition, we have the great ages of golden, silver,bronze, and iron.  The iron age presents the most dense level of material consciousness in the last several thousand years.

The next transition is a shift back to the light consciousness of the golden age.  Today’s scientific knowledge and instrumentation has been able to verify many sun, solar system, and earth changes that are indications of an energetic shift or evolution. The high frequency subtle energy, light, and consciousness beyond the 3D physical has an effect on consciousness and the body in physical 3D as it is stepped down into magnetic and electromagnetic energy.

At the end of all major cycles on Earth, there are sufficient energies to affect the Earth system, biological life, and human consciousness.  However, during this particular shift the energies are at a certain level of high frequency and vibration to enable a dimensional shift.  The reasons why this cycle happens to be a “dimensional shift” are too complex and numerous to discuss here in this article.  A dimensional shift is under way, and it will occur regardless of human action or the interaction of other intelligent beings on Earth.

There are twelve main dimensions in the dimensional universe.  The Sun, Earth, and solar system has been organized in the third dimension for millions of years.  With the upcoming dimensional shift, it will move to a higher vibration beyond 3D.  What is the role of human beings on Earth during this time?  Humanity plays an integral role in determining whether the shift to a higher dimension will be to a fear and control negative bandwith of the fourth dimension, or the heart-centered unity consciousness of the fifth dimension.

Human choice in awakening, healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending will determine which dimension we shift to, and what will be the next phase of human incarnate life on Earth.  An understanding of fifth dimensional life and the dimensional shift in consciousness will be presented in my soon to be released book, “Dimensional Evolution.”

Throughout this blog, we will be providing insights, knowledge, understanding, and experience about the process of awakening, healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to a unity consciousness of the fifth dimension on Earth.  Here, humans will express their multidimensional cosmic humanity at the incarnate vibration of the fifth dimension.  This heart-centered way of being is a consciousness of love and creativity of the spirit, soul, and body in Divine unity.